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 Saved. Healed.
Delivered. Restored. 

Breakthrough starts here.


Sozo is a Greek word used 110 times in the New Testament. It means to be "saved, healed, delivered, and restored" all at one time.
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Does God seem distant? Is it difficult to hear His voice?


Do you feel stuck in past traumas, or locked in unhealthy emotions or behavior patterns?

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Have you lost hope, feeling trapped and unable to move into newness?

We can help!

Jesus came to give us a life of superior quality, but sometimes events can imprison us in a life that is less than He intended.


There is a way of escape -  a way to move forward!

Sozo is not counseling. It is a practical tool that gently uncovers and heals the root issues that keep us trapped in emotional anguish, unhealthy thought patterns, and destructive behaviors. It is a powerful tool that utilizes a personal encounter with God to set you free and establish you in newness, wholeness, hope, and peace.


The most powerful and effective way to bring healing is spiritual - a touch from God.

We have thousands of people with changed lives who testify to it.

“I had a fear that kept me from leaving my home. I was a prisoner of that fear until Jesus appeared to me and brought healing to me. I now go everywhere and feel I have my life back. My husband is very happy.”


Ready for a Sozo?

All Sozos are by appointment.  A session lasts for 2–3 hours, and a recommended donation of $50.00 for partners of Living Faith and $75.00 for non-partners is requested. For more information, email

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It is important to us that everyone has access to the freedom that God has for them.

If you are unable to make a donation, please email

 What to expect? 

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A Sozo appointment lasts about 2 hours.


You’ll have two trained Sozo ministers who will be praying for you and guiding you through a process of connecting with God.


They may ask you questions to help facilitate the discussion based on the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit.


By the end, you will have encountered God in a powerful and fresh way that will leave you healed and changed.

Sozo what to expect
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