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A Gathered Series On The Fruit of The Spirit

On The Vine

This year we are diving into the Fruit of the Spirit through a devotional book written and designed by your Gathered Team. Included in this book are testimonies of powerful women at Living Faith. 

We have also created three in-person gatherings that play a specific role in the unfolding of this series. We hope you're able to attend all three!

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A Seat At The Table

Friday, August 4th, 7:00 pm -9:00 PM

This is our series launch event! You have accepted the invitation to journey with us through On the Vine. Now, what does your ‘yes’ actually look like? At this event, there will be teaching that prepares you for this journey, worship that leads you into a personal encounter with God, connection with women who will be journeying with you, and space to ask God what He wants to do in you throughout the next nine weeks.  


The Fruit of Your Hands

Saturday, September 16th,
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

At this all-day conference event in the middle of our series, there will be teaching and worship, but you will also get to participate in two hands-on, intimate workshops designed to guide you straight to God‘s heart. A detailed schedule with more info on each workshop offered will be sent closer to the date.

In His Garden

Saturday, October 7th, 10:00 AM

This is the final event of our series. We will take this day to share testimonies that have come out of On the Vine, and encourage one another with pictures and visions of the True Vine that were revealed to us throughout the study. This event will also provide us with an opportunity to ask, "What's next, God? How do we move forward in life and community with our newfound knowledge of who You are and who we are in you?”


Our desire is that women would encounter God in a new and fresh way as we go on a journey together into the Fruit of His Spirit and discover that we cannot experience the fruit without first experiencing Him. He is the source of the Fruit being birthed in our lives!

The Fruit Basket

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What's included in the devotional packet?

Devotional book

Series Bookmark

Jam Jar with Bandana Scarf

Stationery Set

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