Living Faith 2017 Declarations

My Relationship with God

I am encountering God’s love and presence like never before! I will increase in my personal encounters with God more and more this year.

My personal relationship with God this year will be transformational! I will continue to receive life-changing revelations. I choose to go deeper in experiencing the love of Father God and release myself to live life to the fullest.

I will become even more discerning of distracting spirits in my life, and the course of my life will be followed with purpose and intention. Everything I set to do, to speak, and to put my hand to will be intentional and fulfill God's purpose and plan. Distractions will become more obvious, and I will be able to avoid them that much more.

My heart connections with my family, friends, and God are supernaturally accelerating this year!

Healing miracles and financial provision are normal daily occurrences in my life.

I boldly respond to the unctions of the Holy Spirit, wherever I am. I do what I see Him do, and I say what I hear Him say. I close my mouth to anything that He does not want to say and confidently say what He does want me to say. My heart is yielded to Him at all times.

I continually bring hope, encouragement, peace, and breakthrough to those I encounter. God flows through me, and every person I touch is touched by Father.

This year, new dreams are birthed and promises are fulfilled!

I walk in and carry unspeakable peace.

I am overcome by unusual and contagious levels of joy and laughter!

I am someone who releases radical love, joy, and peace in my family, neighborhood, city, and region!

I allow the gifts of the spirit to flow from my life. I release self-limiting mindsets and open myself to God’s limitless ability flowing through me.

Everywhere I go, people have radical encounters with Jesus!

I have an unusual ability to make others feel supernaturally loved and celebrated!

God is so excited when I wake up every morning – He rejoices over me all day long. He exults over me with songs and dances. He joyfully celebrates me!

God is always by my side, no matter what. He never fails me. He never gives up on me. He never leaves me without support. He will not in any degree leave me helpless. He will never let me down. He will never relax His hold on me!

My neighbors dwell by me for safety’s sake, and everywhere I go there is a force field of angelic protection surrounding me.

Every place my foot walks, you have given to me. I release your love, your light, and your life through the spiritual authority you have given me. I shift the atmosphere everywhere I go, bringing heaven to earth.

As He is, so am I in THIS world!

I am a thermostat. I bring life into every situation I walk into.

I will only partner with what Father God says about me – I am blessed, healed, whole, fully provided for, above only!

My life manifests all the blessings of salvation. Everything I put my hand to prospers.

I am blessed! The Lord will fulfill His promises to me! All things are possible to me because I believe. 

I am receiving greater understanding about my purpose and destiny. Dreams that were buried are re-surfacing and coming alive again. I have spiritual eyes to see, spiritual ears to hear, and the mind of Christ to visualize my dream coming to pass. Holy Spirit is revealing each step of the process and paving the way to make it happen. God is divinely connecting me to people who I need to connect with.

I hear my Father’s voice and the voice of another I will not follow. God is directing the course of my life, giving me good counsel, and watching over me. My heart knows what to do in every situation I encounter.

I live proactively in all I do. I put aside living in a reactive state and proactively pursue relationship with God and walk as He directs my steps daily.

I am the bride of Christ. Jesus and I are one. He gave himself up for me, and my old self was crucified with Him. Now the life of Jesus manifests in me. I am bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh. I have the mind of Christ. Jesus cherishes me as much as himself; I am His crown.

I shut the door on condemnation and judgement. I will not condemn or judge, and I will not receive condemnation or judgement.

God isn't mad at me - He's mad about me!

I declare that I am well organized and able to accomplish what is before me in perfect time. I am not “behind.” Time is in our amazing Dad and He is never running late!


My Family

My family is drawing closer together in relationship, care, and intimacy. Our communication is growing more effective each day. We walk in understanding and appreciation of one another. We will not allow any differences of opinion or thoughts to bring division into our house and relationships.

I declare restoration in my family. The chains of addiction, poverty mindsets, depression, broken marriages, low self-esteem and orphan mentalities are broken at their roots. I renew my mind and replace them with your tangible, overwhelming love and truths that bring comfort, peace, joy, prosperity and influence.

Everyone in my family who isn’t currently walking with God will have a radical, life-changing encounter with Him.

I declare great success and favor over my children, academically and spiritually. That they come to know, experience, and desire the love and intimacy with Father and his Word at a greater, deeper, and personal level and that this transforms their peers and world around them. My children understand and know their true acceptance and identity in Christ like never before.

No weapon formed against me, my children, grandchildren or family, will prosper! No plague or calamity will come near us! Your covenant protection covers us in all we do and everywhere we go. I decree and declare we are safe, healthy and prosperous and with long life God will satisfy us!  We shall live and not die and declare the goodness of the Lord!  Angels are commissioned to stand guard around us and to make sure these words do not return void. I have a covenant with my God!

My kids, my family and all my actual and future generations will always have a great relationship with God, knowing Him intimately, and living with His authority in everything.


My Finances

I trust God, above all else. He is my sole provider.

I’m a giver. I live a lifestyle of heartfelt giving.

This year is marked as a higher level of generosity in my life. I am a wise steward of my finances, and I’m overcome with God’s heart of generosity. Because I’m a tither, God has promised to always provide for me in every circumstance and protect me from financial ruin. Therefore, I walk in overflow, fully provided for and able to bless others.

I honor God with all I am. I am a tither and a giver, and I know that the windows of heaven are open over me, pouring out so many blessings that I have more than enough to share and give to others.

I’m positioned to receive financial promotions, money owed to me, and gifts and financial blessings. I walk in greater financial abundance, and I have more than enough to bless others.

I have freely received, therefore, I freely give – radically and sacrificially like my Father! I know that God’s promises to me accomplish what He said they would do, so I expect blessings in my life.

God’s favor surrounds me, as with a shield. God’s charisma is on me. I’m blessed and am a blessing to others.

I walk in the favor and blessing of God. Goodness and mercy follow me every day. I know that every display of love changes the world!

My heart and my hand remain open to receive blessings and to give them away.

God knows my dreams, and He is providing the finances to pay for them!


My Health

I am an excellent steward of my body, and I always submit my mind and body and to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

No sickness will find a home in me. I am healed, whole, healthy, and prosperous. My body and mind work well and as God created them to function.

My eyes do not dim and my vigor, energy, and mental ability does not decrease in force or intensity. I will live all my days and declare the goodness of God.

My youth is renewed like the eagle.  Everything in my body is youthful and works perfectly.

I am healthy, wealthy, and wise!


Living Faith Family

Living Faith is receiving multiplied blessings on all it has sown! Millions and millions of dollars are coming in!

Our Living Faith family walks in ABUNDANCE as it pertains to the miraculous, healing, finances, and supernatural influence. Each time we meet as a family, we become more awake, our hearts are open, we pour out even more, and we become freer and freer in your presence and in your truth.

Living Faith becomes everything God declares it to be. We are living and ministering out of the overflow of Holy Spirit, making a difference and lasting change that will speak to generations to come!

Living Faith is a place where people encounter God all the time! The presence of God is extremely real and tangible and just keeps increasing!

People will know Living Faith because of our love for one another. 

Living Faith aligns with the sound of heaven, and our worship releases that sound into the atmosphere.

We are worshippers! We allow ourselves and others to freely and extravagantly express and worship Jesus.

Our partners will always make a difference of God’s love everywhere we are.

Living Faith walks in the plans and purposes of God, and He will complete that which He began.

Living Faith will call to Him, and He will show and reveal to us great and mighty things we do not know.

Living Faith walks in divine health and newness of life. Our youth and our vigor will be renewed as the eagles.

Our partners will go deeper into His glory, knowledge, and love. Living Faith will have a greater measure of His manifested presence so that every life will be impacted and transformed in Jesus’ name.

We are united with the Body of Christ and, together, speak His words. We release God's peace, presence and power everywhere we go. We speak heaven into earth.

Living Faith is growing in its prophetic culture.

As He is, so are we in THIS world!

United States

God is moving mightily across this land! He is transforming hearts of people across our nation to have radical encounters with Him! Our government leaders have radical encounters with Him, our educational leaders have radical encounters with Him, our business leaders have radical encounter with him, political leaders have radical encounters with him, church leaders have radical encounters with him, Hollywood leaders have radical encounters with him, media leaders have radical encounters with him. Father God is causing people to see Jesus, dream Jesus, and encounter Jesus like never before! The tide against God in our nation is turning, and people’s hearts everywhere are awakened to His radical love for them! And this is effecting every area of society!

The U.S. will stay on course of God’s intended purpose and prosperity will fill our homes and land.

Our country will always praise God and will always be an example of His love to all the world.

Our country is a unified force – ALL barriers of division are broken in Jesus’ name, and this nation is marked by God’s love!

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